Why content is supreme in SEO


“In today’s marketplace, knowledge itself is not power, but the sharing of knowledge is.”

-Michael R. Hunter



You’ve heard that phrase a million times, yet it’s more than a saying. It’s a valid fact. SEO without content is like a relationship without communication. In other words, content is the essence of digital marketing. What is there to search, link, optimize and share without content?


Facts and figures:

According to the data from Brafton, Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute, iContact, and Prestige Marketing, here are the facts and figures that show the power of content:

  • 27 million

The amount of online content shared each day

  • 329 million

The number of people who read blogs every month

  • 1 out of 5

The number of social media content that includes links

  • 92%

Marketers report that creating content is “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for SEO.

  • The Google Panda effect

Frequently updated websites, blogs, and social media posts increase organic traffic.

  • It’s how people find you online

73% of people prefer accessing information about businesses and organizations through online articles instead of advertising.

19% of beauty product consumers bought products from sites they’ve stumbled upon through search.

  • It’s how you showcase your edge over your competitors

61% of users tend to buy products from brands that produce custom content.

  • It’s how shareable you are

More than 50% of people’s time is spent reading online content, plus another 30% dedicated on social media where shares happen.

The greatest amount of shared content is from:

Email: 93%

Social sites: 89%

Blogs: 82%

Further, people are 5 times more likely to buy from shared content.

  • It’s what you write

79% create articles

65% create blogs

63% create newsletters

58% create case studies

40% of marketers credit whitepapers as “very effective” content for SEO



As curious, social, and purpose-driven beings, we rely on information to interact with our surroundings, to fulfil our needs and wants, and, essentially, to survive. And content is information. Now that it’s available at our fingertips (literally), powered with more options and opportunities, these primary challenges remain for thriving online marketers out there:

  • Creating enough content
  • Creating engaging content
  • Creating diverse content


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