What to look for in an SEO company

With all the SEO companies emerging and promising just about everything, are you ready to choose? Give time in researching for an SEO company to hire. When you are looking for an SEO company, you need to specify the services you need.

What services are you looking for?

One SEO company may offer:

• Link building
• PPC management
• Content marketing
• Reputation management
• Social media marketing

Whether you sign up for a particular package or require only one task done, you have to specify the services you need. If it’s pure SEO that you require, don’t judge their website. Rather, you should check their page ranking in Google. When you are looking for a full website makeover, then you should examine their online portfolio especially their website. It should, at least, encourage you to have the same style or have something similar created for you. Most top SEO companies do not focus too much on how their website looks. At best, they have second-rate website.

What you should look for in an SEO company?

If you’re a startup business, you would need the expertise of an SEO company. They have different SEO service packages so they can offer you a great selection. An SEO company should be:

Goal and Results Oriented

Hire those that focus on your target results. It is best to work with people who are after the same results. Work with those who realize your own goals and actually deliver them. Different clients have different goals. Recognize your own objective. Some clients may want to focus on:

• boost rankings
• sales
• getting customers
• leads

As a bonus service, they should give FREE consultations.

Request for a consultation to, at least, 2 companies and compare. Keep in mind that SEO companies will not wait for you. If you get most of the information/services you need, in one of the companies, go with that.

Aside from providing services, good SEO companies will educate you. You can have them do the following:

• research your industry
• analyze your website

SEO companies may be operated by just a few people or a big company with hundreds of employees. Some may not have proper documentations and are not too formal. You have a lot of options. The important thing here is that they get the job done. At New Alchemy, we deliver results. Talk to us and let us know how we can help you.

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