What is modern SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO composes a web of tasks from content writing to link building and engaging with your audience in social media among other things. It requires thorough and constant analysis of the website’s performance in search engines. Modern SEO however is a bit tricky and has remained complex. Here’s a general list of SEO strategies that contribute to the performance of your brand:

  • On-site optimization – You can optimize your website in many ways, such as content availability, meta titles and descriptions, mobile optimization, navigation structuring, site speed, and basically all kinds of creative or technical choices that you can do.
  • On-site content – This may also be referred to as “content marketing”, although it doesn’t have to be linked with a blog. On-site content includes all the pages in your website. Your search rankings could easily improve by its accuracy, conciseness, quality, and uniqueness. It also helps if you’re consistent with your posts as your content could help you build loyalty among your customers.
  • Link building – Links are still important, and they have remained a priority in SEO. There are a number of ways to acquire links but we can stop with traditional and modern forms. The traditional link building’s primary function revolves exclusively around SEO whereas the modern tactic has more brand visibility benefits in comparison to the traditional form aside from ranking higher in search engines.
  • Social media – This is often mistaken as an SEO strategy and somehow it is, but it also isn’t as social media INDIRECTLY influences a website’s SEO. However, if you engage with your audience right, then that would lead to the improvement of your organic search ranking.
  • Local SEO – You want to improve your reputation with your customers, and local SEO strategies can help you with that. This involves listing your business on review sites and third-party directories. However, you have to manage your online reviews if you want to increase your chances.

All of these approaches help increase your online presence and search visibility even though they independently function for SEO.

And due to Google’s semantic search functionality, the traditional concept of SEO about targeting specific keywords is not as practical today. Modern SEO must adapt to the increased sophistication, more paid features, and increased competition of the search landscape. It is all about using combining strategies that work best for your customer experience.

At New Alchemy Limited, we make our clients understand that SEO is a collection of several independent strategies. If you want to know more about our SEO services, please contact us today.

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