What are 4 signs your social media marketing is working?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not complete without social media marketing (SMM). This is where your target market stays connected most times of the day, and where your brand can be easily found. Today, we know that social media has become the norm and even an addiction. To illustrate, how often do you discover news just by checking your Facebook or Twitter feed?

According to Pew Research Center, social media has reshaped the way people discover news. That’s the power of social media networks. Thus, it’s only logical to include social media marketing in your business strategy. But how do you know that your marketing efforts are working? Here are 4 signs to measure your social media success:

What are 4 signs your social media marketing is working


  1. Traffic referrals from social networks

Retweeting, reblogging, etc., bring traffic to your website as your content is shared throughout the network. Analyze your traffic increase. Are your website views coming from social media networks aside from Google inquiries? If so, which social networks provide the most traffic? This will help you improve your social media marketing plan and find new social media strategies if it’s not working well for you.


  1. Voice share

This refers to the number of mentions your brand gets from social networks. Properly using your hashtags will help you achieve this goal. To calculate the voice share of your brand against your competitor, just divide the amount of your mentions over the total mentions of your competitor.


  1. Conversation

The power of the comments section, forums, and message boards should never be underestimated. Blog commenting helps get your brand across comment and message threads. However, don’t make the mistake of commenting for the sake of telling people to buy from you. Engage in the topic and make your human connection.


  1. Opinion

Although it’s a subjective measure, it’s also one of the most useful factors in determining if your social media marketing is effective. Browse through your mentions and categorize them as neutral, positive, or negative. If the positives are higher than the negatives, chances are your market is receiving your brand well.


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