Virtual Assistant

At New Alchemy, you get the full benefits of working with a virtual assistant (VA). We offer competitive VA packages that let you better budget your resources. Our VAs do the work for you.


• Administration and Receptionist Functions
• Personal Assistance


We filter out all candidates to find the best ones. We ensure that our pool of existing VAs is capable of handling a wide range of tasks. We look for these characteristics in all our VAs:

1. College Education
2. High Proficiency in English
3. High Computer Literacy
4. Specialized Knowledge and Skill Set


1) Identifying Client Goals

First we discuss and outline our client’s goals and narrow down their needs. Then, we match our client with a number of our VAs. If certain specializations are required, we go beyond typical VA service and look externally. Next, we observe the same processes in identifying our client’s VA as we do with our own employees. Finally, we understand that having the right person in place can affect our client’s business and to an extent, their well-being.

2) Selection Procedure

Our clients have the final say when selecting their own VA. Our rigorous recruitment and selection process involves a profile review and a series of interviews. First, we review our VAs’ resumes and identify viable candidates. Then, we perform a background check. This is especially needed if it becomes necessary to look for candidates outside the company. Lastly, we conduct various interviews. The first interview is with our HR, the second is with a specialist or department head and the third and most critical is with the client.

3) Hassle-Free Management

Your VA is required to report to our office so we can monitor their daily activity. Our monitoring system covers the progress of individual tasks and the VA’s online behaviour. We do this to assure you of high quality VA performance. Our account managers can handle several accounts and oversees the work of all our VAs.

You can directly contact your VA through Skype, email or other preferred methods by the client. You can immediately assign tasks to and personally check in on your VA’s progress.

VAs are also required to submit daily progress and weekly planning reports. The latter provides you with a concrete schedule of their activities for the next week. NA also submits regular reports to our clients based on the VA’s overall performance.


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