Uses of telemarketing

Telemarketing isn’t merely a standalone business operation. Its maximum potential can be tapped when seen and used as part of the whole marketing effort. In other words, it has more roles to fulfill than just being a tool for calling your customers, such as:



Outbound telemarketing is commonly used to either support or substitute face-to-face product selling. Thus, it helps businesses reach their target market wherever they are (at a relatively low cost) by:

  • Calling a new set of potential customers. You don’t have to send your sales representatives over new business territories. With the right training, excellent product knowledge, and great communication and persuasion skills, your telemarketers can sell your product by simply dialing up your target consumers.
  • Contacting existing accounts. A company’s existing customer base is its most vital asset. To give them the attention that they deserve, your sales representatives can phone them as often as necessary, especially when they reorder your product.


Customer service

It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. By using inbound telemarketing as the primary hub for customer service, businesses can find ways to keep their customers satisfied, such as:

  • Addressing your customers’ concerns with one phone call. Telemarketers with a First Call Resolution (FCR) rule provide their customers the assurance that their concerns would be resolved within their first call. This is especially vital to businesses who offer services such as cable TV and internet connection as these types of services often require assistance.
  • Being available for your customers 24/7. Your customers would be happy to know that they can reach you for assistance 24 hours a day.


Lead generation

A company can collect, compile, and update lists of prospects through “teleprospecting. Once the leads are generated, the list can be sent to your sales representatives for immediate action. If you are using telemarketing as a supplement to face-to-face selling, you may want to use these leads for identifying prospects with the highest buying power and have your field sales representatives set up appointments with them.



By conducting surveys and gathering data, your telemarketers can provide precise and accurate information about the following business variables:

  • Marketing and advertising effectiveness. The best feedback comes from the recipients of your marketing efforts. By learning how effective your advertising ventures are, you may be able to make necessary changes to your marketing strategies.
  • Consumer behavior. Knowing your customers better through consumer psychology is the key to satisfy them. To illustrate, information about what they purchase, where they get the product, when they would buy again, and how they consume the product helps businesses create marketing strategies that work and captivate.


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