Tried and tested ways to satisfy digital marketing clients


If there are several important lessons our company learned from serving different digital marketing clients, they would be summed up through these pointers:

Pay attention to emails

Your email could be a perfect avenue to get instructions from your client and give feedback. The email threads could also serve as professional and organized documentation of the client’s requests and your outputs. Yes, your own email could be a one-stop shop of everything you need to know from the client and everything you have to track for the project. We should know, this simple method is proven effective by our own marketing team.

This is why you should be able to arrange your incoming emails under labelled folders. It is through proper order that you can easily keep track of a particular client’s various requests. However, you should also not forget to update your team and/or your bosses regarding the status of the project, and this can be done by forwarding emails or cc’ing the people involved when communicating with your client. That way, you know you and everyone working on the project are on the same page and therefore have a unified goal to meet the client’s needs.

Revise, revise, and revise

Never get tired of making revisions until you satisfy your client. You see, digital marketing clients have distinct requirements, and to show that you’re flexible and competent enough for the projects they have in mind, you should be willing to put your best foot forward ALL THE TIME. This means you should always be open to whatever changes they require from specific tasks.

A great example is a video ad that our marketing team did for one client who owns a VOD website. The client would like the team to come up with a 30-second promotional video highlighting the best scenes from the gore-themed films they’re offering. NA’s professional graphic designer happily obliged and finished the work in a week (considering it’s his first video editing project), but the client was not satisfied and gave several specifications on the things he wanted to be changed on the video; so to cut the long story short, the team reached to a total of more than 5 revisions (in a month) until they have finally submitted an output that satisfied the client.

The morale here actually is your own marketing team should never feel discouraged of many revisions. Just be focused on the goal that you want to turn a client’s negative feedback into a positive one, and eventually, provide utmost customer satisfaction. The unsatisfactory outputs and the time you wasted on them can then serve as important teachers to remind your team to be better next time and be more equipped for any more challenging tasks in the future.

Finally, vary your approach. Cater to the ever-changing demands of different clients. Be flexible enough to move from one project to another. Always find time to research as well. Equip yourself or your team with the latest digital marketing trends to keep up with the World Wide Web and be able to provide the best digital marketing solutions. Or better yet, hire New Alchemy’s services now!

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