Tips on how to outsource the right programmer

Business people are visionaries. They come up with plans and strategies that can boost their business. They usually can handle accounting, marketing, operations and even management strategies. What about the complex knowledge of programming services or hiring the right programmer?

Tips on how to outsource the right programmer

To illustrate, you have to hire someone who can code for you. How can you hire the right programmer if your knowledge does not cover programming? Assess Properly. Here’s how you can hire the best available programmer:

Ask around

To get a good sense of the hiring process, you should consult with other programmers. Inquire with them about the interview process. It’s better to get expert advice.

Make your questions accurate

Take notes to avoid misconceptions. The right questions are those relevant to what you’re looking for. The more relevant your questions are, the easier it is for you to determine who matches your expectations.

Can you work with them on a daily basis?

Get to know the applicants. Learn about their background and accomplishments. Listen to their stories. Most of the time, good personality shines. Seniority is only a factor of the requirement that can be learned with research and experience. It is better to employ someone you can get along with.

Time preference

Before you start with the interview, do you prefer specific hours for your programmers to work the same hours as you? This is tricky because it plays with your business need or the work time where the programmer is most efficient. You should meet halfway or be accepting of each other’s preference.

Work commitments

Programmers tend to multitask. Find the candidate that can fully commit to you as it affects or contributes to the overall success of the project. Hire a programmer who can help you design new interfaces and also follow directions exactly as they are given. The ideal programmer should be both a project manager and developer.

Competitive skills

Discover great skills from each applicant. You need someone who can manage the programming team for you. See if the person you’re talking to has the skills to lead by example.


In any job interview, scenarios are almost always included. This helps you understand more about how an applicant handles a situation. One example is giving an urgent task. Find out how they strategically prepare a plan in meeting your deadlines.

Be upfront

This relates to your expectations. Tell them how you envision your business; what you plan to achieve in the future and what role you expect them to fulfill. This approach allows both parties to be direct and transparent about a potential work relationship.

These are only guidelines. Obviously, you should have a follow-up interview. On the second round, you can ask the applicant about technical stuff. Call New Alchemy for more tips on programming outsourcing.

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