Tips for starting a business: Questions you need to ask

Last updated on March 5, 2015

It takes courage to start a business. One popular choice is the outsourcing nature of business like call center, seat leasing, etc. Furthermore, running any business is extremely demanding. In fact, you have to establish goals and constantly stay focused on them which can be stressful.

Tips for starting a business. Questions you need to ask.

Starting a business is not for everyone. There are a lot of factors to think through. Consider the following and answer these questions before you launch:

1. Evaluate yourself

– Do you have the skills and traits as an entrepreneur?
– Do you have enough time and resources to invest?
– Do you have an idea on how to launch and handle a company of your own?
– Can you make your ideas become a reality?
– Do people need or want your products and services?
– If not, can you convince your customers otherwise?
– How will you make it work and sell?
– Do you have the budget or capital to develop your plans?
– Do you have a management team?

2. Create a solid business plan

– Can you write and present your business plan?
– Do you have a company mission and summary?
– What are you offering?
– Have you identified your target market?
– Have you determined the operation costs?

3. Investors

– Do you rely on your savings and credit cards only?
– If not, have you found the right investors to help with your funding?
– Do you think you can work with them?
– Can you handle the idea of investors having a say in your company?
– Are you ready to listen to them?
– Do you include your family to be invested as your support system?
– Are they aware of the emotional and financial challenges?

4. Legal Structure

– What form of ownership would best fit you?

o Sole proprietorship?
o Partnership?
o Limited Liability Company (LLC)?
o Corporation?
o Nonprofit?
o Cooperative?

– Do you have your own company lawyer?
– Have you determined your tax obligations?
– Have you secured all your licenses and permits?
– Do you have proper insurance for your business?

Use these questions to guide you through the whole business process. Make your business experience a fulfilling one. We, at New Alchemy, can help you improve your business skills, both professionally and personally. Talk with us if you are ready to do business. To start, what is your business name?


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