The appeal of business outsourcing to the American market

NA - The Appeal of Business Outsourcing to the American Market

In light of the American economic crisis of 2009 and the current boom of small entrepreneurial endeavours spanning coast to coast in the United States,  the saying, “Time is money”  can be seen in no better light than reducing  costs and optimizing efficiency through business outsourcing. Outsourcing is based on a “divide and conquer” foundation or delegation of tasks to a third party, outside of the business, which in turn leads to optimized success and fixed rate costs, typically through contracted work. Outsourcing to the America business model is gaining popularity in two different fields: Call centers and IT, and crowd funding.

Much like how an American business or individual may hire an accountant to prepare taxes or perform an audit if necessary, is one of the most common forms of American “out” sourcing to a specialized company. More frequently though, out sourcing can best be seen through international call centers, often across oceans, for customer service and technological support with around the clock availability.

Seeking out specialty services allows for hyper-specify and expert knowledge of a task, process, or service while cutting time and costs, and increasing revenue. For the American market, business outsourcing is a service well established in the Philippines, where it raced to the front of the international outsourcing pack, neck and neck with India and remained a world leader. With a work force expected to reach over 1.3 million employees by 2016, and a forecasted revenue of over $25 billion dollars USD during the same year, the Philippines is becoming a reliable global business leader. An overarching appeal of the Philippine call centers for outsourced work is the prevalence of Western accented English and familiarity with Western culture, a benefit to the American sector, where the global size of outsourced services attracts a value of over 104 billion dollars USD, a service that has seen steady growth despite the US market crash of the late 2000s, making North America a key player is designating future outsourcing trends.

Outside the growing trend for contracting out call-centers and IT support, there is a growing movement of outsourcing funds. American entrepreneurs and well-established businesses alike have found success in outsourced funding efforts for projects through crowd funding websites surpassing traditional means of bank operated loans, angel funds, and asking for start-up funds from family and friends to bring an idea, product or event into existence. Crowd funding sites are founded on the platform of “it takes a village” to achieve a set financial goal, often promising rewards in exchange for funds to turn a dream into a reality. Especially as outsourcing and crowd sourcing both become more and more common business models, and even as the two simultaneously begin to drift together while also fighting to stay separate, “outsourcing” in various degrees-of-separation is on the horizon for all levels of businesses.

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