The 3 most ignored social media tips for online marketers

Many businesses have turned to social media networks to boost their online presence. However, some brands just don’t get it. Effective connection with your target market means so much more than mere advertising and promotions. Here are 5 of the most ignored social media marketing tips.



Start answering questions.


Do you simply go to Hootsuite, schedule posts, and call it a day without bothering to read your inbox and comment threads? Are you simply contented watching the likes and the comments without even replying? If so, you’re totally defeating its entire purpose. Social media is about relevant, entertaining content and getting responses. It’s about:


  • sparking an interesting conversation
  • answering questions (and even complaints)
  • saying thank you for the appreciation
  • responding to private messages
  • continuing the comment thread conversation by sharing your perspective



Stop sounding like a business.


Remember that people go to their social sites to connect with other people. Thus, avoid the all-too-corporate tone in your business website and start real connections when you’re on social networks. For example:


  • Being a concerned human being who values causes
  • Offering empathy whenever applicable
  • Partaking in fun, trending topics (e.g. #tbt or Throwback Thursday)
  • Using humor generously (e.g. posting creative, witty memes)
  • Share interesting content you wouldn’t otherwise post in your business website blog



Stop seeing it just from a marketer’s point of view.


You can have your business name or brand on a social network. But, this may result in the choice of being the stranger who’ll suddenly slap a promotional flyer at someone’s face, or it may lead to being the stranger who’ll start commenting on something relatable like the weather. Guess who gets to have a positive conversation. Learn to refrain from shouting out your brand name all the time. It will cause your audience to ignore you. Try the following:


  • Sharing useful and relevant information
  • Sharing a lot of compelling pictures
  • Sharing someone else’s interesting posts (and add your own thoughts)



To put it simply: be socially involved, not self-involved.


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