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Why social media is a notch higher than Google today

Gone are the days when Google leads and shapes the business world as social media takes over, at least for now. Digital technology has made people slaves of their mobile phones, tablets and all modern gadgets you can think of; and one of the main reasons is due to every social media platform available today.…

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What is modern SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO composes a web of tasks from content writing to link building and engaging with your audience in social media among other things. It requires thorough and constant analysis of the website’s performance in search engines. Modern SEO however is a bit tricky and has remained complex. Here’s a general list…

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Hashtag SEO: How site visibility works like the social media tag

It’s not by coincidence that a certain combination of words generate a particular arrangement of tens or thousands of results in a web browser. It is, however, a meticulously calibrated algorithm that determines placement and order. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the means of maximizing web traffic to a particular site by ensuring that…

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