Why social media is a notch higher than Google today

Gone are the days when Google leads and shapes the business world as social media takes over, at least for now. Digital technology has made people slaves of their mobile phones, tablets and all modern gadgets you can think of; and one of the main reasons is due to every social media platform available today.

In the earlier stages of modern technology, Facebook and Twitter dominated the internet. But now, the options have greatly expanded. Aside from the two big players, you can now spend several hours on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and all the messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, Twitter’s Periscope, and WhatsApp among others. There are also gaming apps that got both young and old hooked on. With all these new features, social media soared higher than ever due to the opportunity to share, and sharing means traffic. Whatever you post begets a reaction. It is also a test of compatibility which sometimes doesn’t work for everyone. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that negative press is still press. The important thing is getting people invested in what you share.

A company’s social responsibility should not be taken for granted. In fact, it is everyone’s business. Along with websites, emails, and text messages, social media can boost sales and customer loyalty for any business. Social media in its entirety, however, can be overwhelming. But you need to stay relevant in order to gain attention and you can do this by improving your own digital skills. Putting sufficient dedication to your social media and digital solutions can boost the following:

  • Brand sentiment – You want your business to be known. If you handle your social media campaigns right, people will love your brand.
  • Lead generation – You want more potential customers or leads to find your business.
  • Website traffic – You want to increase the number of visitors that your website receives.
  • Revenue – You want your income to increase in your set period.

With all things considered, you should remember that how well you handle your marketing and customer service affects your company and every department in it. And aside from its individual functions, these two can be developed in your social media strategy. For more information about digital marketing solutions, please contact us at New Alchemy or set an appointment.

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