Pop-Ups versus Light-Box: Which form converts better?

Promotion is an essential part of the marketing efforts of today’s businesses. To be more effective in promoting their products and the whole business, they need to improve their online presence. Business websites must contain elements that influence trust to their online visitors, which can be done in several ways.

This article will shed some light about pop overs or forms that pops above all the content of the page. These pop overs are popularly known as pop-ups and light-box which are used to acquire subscribers. The email addresses gathered from these forms are then added to the sites’ mailing lists.

Pop-ups are negatively associated with spam yet they remain useful especially for online subscriptions. Although these forms come in small to medium-size windows, they can be annoying mainly because it sort of interrupts the user from reading the page he’s visiting. At times, some designs are even quite distracting. Still, website visitors don’t really mind pop-ups in general if they are being used sparingly.

Light-box is also becoming a favorite alternative for pop-ups in the same way. It works the same as pop-up but it looks different. With light-box, the rest of the area around the form is darkened making the form stand out more. It is not as bothersome as pop-ups because of the way it is set up. Its visibility is clear and it lets visitors focus on the call to action.

While some still hesitate to use pop up forms, it can be better for your business site conversions if you use less intrusive ones.  The high possibility of people signing up is if the whole offer is appealing to them, whether you choose pop-ups or light-box. How the forms are set up also contributes to the possibility of many visitors signing up.

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