A New Alchemy Kind of Christmas

Christmas is in town again, but the world of jobs is still in existence. Some of you might abandon the seasonal festivities to work, and most companies chose to postpone or cancel parties relating to it. But have you ever thought that it is enough reason to celebrate even if it is only a small gathering with family, friends or even with your coworkers and employers?

A Christmas party is a marvelous opportunity to mark another mile of the business and a good way for employers to check who of their employees are still around. It is also the best time to get the managers and workers to exchange stories, experiences, and adventures that they encountered during their stay in the company and it is also a good time for the neophytes to meet the higher-ups and the other workers; and get to know them more.

Just days ago, employees, management heads, and bosses of New Alchemy Ltd., met up in Suncourt Poolside Bar for the annual Christmas party. Everyone were very excited with the said event and some are even excited to take a dip in the pool.

The party started with a series of speeches from the CEO himself, Mr. Patrick Achache and the company’s Managing Director, Miss Anna Reiter. They thanked all employees for their hard work and effort they put in doing their jobs.

It was then followed by a great meal that was shared by everyone. Throughout the whole meal we were entertained by various intermission numbers done by the talented employees and we were also serenade by a special participation of the Managing Director herself.

After a great meal with lots of performances that everyone enjoyed, here comes what everyone has been anticipating for, the gift exchange. The CEO himself thought that we could spice up the party with a little holiday karaoke, so we rented 2 of the biggest rooms in a Karaoke Hub just floors down from the event place.

After the frivolity and entertainment, Boss Patrick gave out a touching and heartfelt thank you to all employees and management staff for all the efforts, hard work and time they invested in the company. And by this, the Trademark Team Heads gave out good news to all outstanding people in the team.

So overall, when I say Christmas Party it is not just any annual event that the workers are obliged to attend but it is a way of allowing people -who have worked hard all year to enjoy themselves.

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