Louis Vuitton sues 3 Chinese online sellers for trademark infringement

On January 4, Louis Vuitton filed a trademark lawsuit against three Chinese online sellers for infringing its trademark. The retailers sold counterfeit products online particularly on Taobao, a popular local shopping website similar to Amazon and eBay that brings buyers and sellers together.

A Beijing district court accepted the case and according to a report from Reuters, the court displayed a statement on its website saying the French fashion giant seeks damages from the trademark infringement defendants whose names were also stated; two of them having the same surname Liang while the other one is surnamed Han.

According to the court’s statement, the company owned by LVMH, a world leader in luxury is “asking them to stop infringing on its trademark and is seeking compensation of economic losses of 250,000 yuan ($37,900).”

The two Liangs and Han have also been previously convicted back in 2014 for selling fake Louis Vuitton goods online, but the Beijing district court has not specified their criminal sentences yet.

This is not the first trademark lawsuit filed against Taobao even though the Alibaba Group claims of working on the buying and selling of fake products in the marketplace. Now, both Louis Vuitton and the defendants have not commented yet as of this writing.

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