Link building: “The key to good SEO!”

Link building is arguably one of the key foundations to any successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This involves getting people to go to your site and do what you want. For example, by signing up for a newsletter and through good link building, you can build up the chances of organic (natural) discovery and boosts the number of visits to your site. Healthy links make for a good backlink profile, which contributes to increasing your Google Search Engine Results (SERP) page ranking.

As Google becomes keener and more adept at identifying and removing unscrupulous links, the internet is also becoming noisier. As a result, the growing importance of cleaning up your (link profile) backyard is critical. However, good link building cannot be fully automated. People will eventually have to work at personally evaluating the links and more importantly the content and context of these links. It is a costly and time-consuming aspect of SEO but it is necessary.

New Alchemy is a Business Process Outsourcing company that employs a diversified SEO strategic team for our clients’ campaigns. We ensure that quality SEO content is developed and shared and that all tactics used are legitimate and productive. We also provide web design and web development to enhance your campaigns. Contact us to learn more about our SEO services!

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New Alchemy Limited is an innovative European-owned, Philippine-based KPO and BPO company. We combine years of professional expertise, 24/7 quality service, reliability and flexibility, competitive pricing, dynamic strategies, and customized strategy options to effectively connect our clients to their target market.

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