IT and Programming

To assist your company in your IT and programming needs, we offer the following services:

Website Design and Development

Website design revolves around user-centered functionality with Responsive Web Design (RWD) cutting across media and devices. Graphic designers work together with web designers for the beautiful qualities of the brand.

The backbone to any strong website is its web development. At the outset, SEO needs to be already implemented on-page. Traditionally, these include page titles, meta titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, keywords, tags and headings. Another web development is the site map, which should be logical for easier Google indexing.


Programming Outsourcing

New Alchemy has expert in-house programmers that you can hire any time for your computer program needs. Our programming team always sees to it that your business goals are met in each project. By outsourcing our dedicated programmers, you can be assured of high-quality and efficient computer programming services. Contact us now for more details.