How virtual assistance relieves business stress

The many roles and responsibilities people have in their professional and personal lives often lead to stress. You worry about work, payroll, business, personal errands and projects, and family. Sometimes, one or two of these concerns can become overwhelming. In other cases, you may need to concentrate on one project but are unable to find the time. You could miss some tasks or even mismanage an entire project.

Passing these functions to someone else is one solution, but the costs involved in hiring an in-house employee can be costly. Get the most out of your time and money by delegating your back office tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). You no longer have to worry about booking flights, checking your schedule, and personally managing your finances. A dedicated VA means you can focus better on your business.

Advantages of a Virtual Assistant (VA)

1. Cost-effective alternative to staffing!

A VA is perfect for small business owners, startup companies, and professionals. Most people initially think of hiring in-house staff. However, conducting your own recruitment takes time and money. Additional expenses include training, payroll, and daily operations. Startup companies and small business owners may have limited resources. Thus, an ideal staffing alternative is using our VA services to take care of all your staffing needs.

2. No need to lease office space and purchase equipment!

Totally eliminate operational costs such as, office space, workstations and equipment that is included in your VA package fee. Other typical operational costs that are eliminated include electricity, water, internet connectivity, office maintenance and office supplies.

3. No need to allocate money for HR recruitment!

Small businesses and start ups have a tough time looking for qualified candidates interested in working for them. Using New Alchemy’s VA services can be the solution!

4. No more paperwork, documentation and record keeping!

The New Alchemy VA takes care of all paperwork like medical examinations, tax forms and employee files. All you need to do is utilize the monthly subscription package and let your VA do the work for you.

5. Bookkeeping is easy!

The New Alchemy VA takes care of all accounting procedures and reporting. For example, the VA properly computes the payroll, taxes and all financial statements for the company.

6. No more auditing stress!

Our monthly VA service package means your budget planning is easier. Also, lowering operational costs let you make better use of your resources.

7. Focus on your core business!

By using a New Alchemy VA, you can effectively work on your core competencies with revenue-generation at the forefront of your priorities.

8. Reduce your risk and liability!

New Alchemy gets people who know what they are doing. As a result, we decrease risks for your company. Our New Alchemy project manager assures you of the quality work from your VA.

9. Enhanced Employee Benefits!

The training, health care and insurance of your VA is covered by New Alchemy. Since we hire VAs and our own staff, New Alchemy is able to get better benefit packages to keep your VA secure.

10. New Alchemy manages your VA for you!

Our on-site managers regularly check on your VA to make sure they are making full use of their time with you.

New Alchemy offers VA packages that deliver and bring service to you in a highly qualified Virtual Assistant. You get to enjoy all the benefits of working with a VA. Learn more about our VA services here. You can also contact us to hire your assistant!

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