How to avoid social media marketing obstacles

Social media marketing is part of digital marketing. It’s responsible for giving your brand the bridges it needs to establish a more penetrative connection between your content and your target market.  Here are a few important tips to achieve brand awareness, content reach, consumer engagement, or smart maintenance:


Outsource it

“Social media expert” topped the most commonly listed position employers need to fill to help their brands go further, according to an American Express survey.

Social media management is not a full-time job, but it requires skill, expertise, and experience, which is achievable by outsourcing. Find someone who doesn’t just auto-post the same thing over your platforms. Also, seek someone who can work closely or is part of a SEO team who understands the gravity of their job.


Create a plan

Once you’ve hired your social media manager, talk it out and come up with a social media marketing strategy. Establish clear goals before you jump into an action plan by writing down your expected results. Agree on which social networks you should use, and understand that social media marketing does not work overnight.


Avoid platform overload

Some clients make the mistake of wanting to be in 10 social media sites at once. If that’s the case, you’ll end up creating digital ghost towns instead of thriving economies. Stick to 1-3 social media sites and see which ones work best for your brand.


Don’t get crazed with the numbers.How to avoid social media marketing obstacles

The number of your followers and fans do not necessarily calculate a successful social media campaign. What’s the use of 10,000 Facebook page fans who don’t even comment on your posts or share them with their friends? Social media marketing is about building relationships over time and maintaining them.


Give the human connection.

Your social media expert should be able to provide an authentic voice for your brand. Ideally, only 10% of your content should be about your brand to avoid too much self-promotion. The rest should be spent on discussing open-ended questions, sharing useful and entertaining information, creating contests, and providing solutions to your customers’ problems.


Social media management requires time, experience, expertise, and team effort. At New Alchemy, our social media experts work closely with our SEO, web design and development teams in order to achieve our client’s marketing goals. Talk with us to learn more about our social media management services.

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