How #hashtags improve SEO and SMM

Hashtags can help your target market find you. They are all over social media sites, and they can increase your brand exposure, content reach, and social engagement. But do you know how to properly use them?

What kinds of hashtags should you be using?

Hashtagging can be tricky if you don’t know what type of hashtags you should integrate into your SEO and SMM strategies. Here are four hashtags you should be using:

1. Brand Hashtags
Your brand hashtag can either be your brand’s name or tagline. As it serves as your signature tag, you should make it unique to your brand and business. Also, you should be consistent in using them on all your social media platforms. Thus, your target market can use and engage with the tag.

2. Campaign Hashtags
Each of your marketing campaigns should have a unique campaign hashtag. It’s highly recommended to use the campaign name but keep it short and easy to remember. Encourage your users to use your campaign hashtag during the campaign’s duration.

3. Common Hashtags
Don’t ignore common hashtags because these are the ones that really help your SEO. They are the words found within your posts. They are significant because they target your content, such as products, events, and locations. In short, they are the words often used in search queries.

4. Trending Hashtags
If the trending topics don’t mention your brand, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t touch them. Get proactive in the community by participating in niche trending topics you find relevant to your business, product, and target market. This is where you can gain more engagement by actively participating in the trending hashtag.

How to make effective hashtags

Knowing your hashtags is one thing, but efficiency is another. Just like your SEO content, you need high quality hashtags for them to be effective. Here are a few tips:

  • Use your keywords

If you are familiar about SEO, you know the role keywords play and how they should be arranged. Pick only keywords that are relevant to your brand for hashtagging. Punctuations and abbreviations are definitely no-nos if you want maximum visibility.

  • Gather information

Do your research well when naming your hashtags. Spare yourself from the embarrassment of using hashtags that can be misinterpreted or have already been used for a different purpose. McDonalds learned it the hard way with their hashtag fail #McDStories.

  • Go minimalist

Keep hashtags, short, unique, and easy to remember. Limit them to 2-3 hashtags per post by utilizing your common hashtags smartly.


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