Here’s what brand owners around the world need

These days, businesses compete using the internet as their portal to connect with the rest of the world. Just like online businesses that offer different services, brand owners can also be internationally competitive.

Several diverse markets have emerged on the internet in which a number of them contain risks of trademark infringement. Trademark owners around the globe must protect their rights. With our network and expertise, we can help protect your brand through detailed monitoring of possible counterfeiters.

There are a number of tasks involved in protecting your trademark, and one of the most important is evidence acquisition. At New Alchemy, our trademark protection services include but do not limit to the following:


  • This involves thorough checking of websites that involve in selling counterfeit products. We gather essential data through research, and initiate contact.


  • A full report of the data gathered will be sent for further analysis before going through the next legal step.

New Alchemy Ltd is a worldwide trademark protection provider that assists brand owners in identifying abusers of their brand on the internet. We take appropriate action against grey market and counterfeit sales as well as unauthorized distribution.

Are you a brand owner? Contact us today to know more about your rights.

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