Help for the Barangay Ermita, Cebu Fire Victims

(Photo courtesy of Nagiel B. Bañacia)

Last May 7, 2018 Monday morning, a fire broke out in Barangay Ermita, Cebu. According to reports, the fire started due to the explosion of a gas stove used in a “pungko-pungko” business. Ninety houses were destroyed and this has affected 2,500 individuals or 759 families.

The unfortunate event left hundreds of families or 30% of the population of the said barangay, homeless. And sadly, 2 children died and 10 people got injured in the fire. Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office Chief Nagiel Bañacia said “The fire started at the entrance of their (“pungko-pungko” business’) house and that made it hard for the parents to get them out. The older one was found hugging the younger sibling to protect him from the fire.”

(Photo courtesy of Nagiel B. Bañacia)

Helping Fire Victims

Because of this, New Alchemy Ltd. partnered up with a non-government organization, Sistemang Pilipino. The company extended its helping hand to the fire victims by donating 10,000 pesos and items such as toiletries, clothing, food supply, blankets, pillows, toys for the kids, school supplies and drinking water for them to consume during their stay in the evacuation center.

We encourage everyone to donate used clothing, food, and other things that you are not using anymore. Any help will be valuable to the affected residents. You may directly give your donations to the barangay council of Brgy. Ermita. You may also bring them to New Alchemy Ltd. office or to the office of Sistemang Pilipino organization.

Let’s join hands and help these victims as they start to build their lives once again.

(Photo courtesy of Nagiel B. Bañacia)

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