What is a good programmer’s most valuable attribute?

If you know software, then you should also know that the end user is the essential part of the software development. In the “Software-as-a-Service” or SaaS industry, software companies prioritize on getting customers to trust in their product and make them see that they have their best interest in mind.

So, what makes a good programierrer?

Expertise in the latest coding language and speed are important skills that great programmers have. But a truly great developer is both talented and empathetic. If you’re looking for programmers to add to your team, you wouldn’t want just those who craft good code. You’re going to need those who go out and fix problems when they break. And a good programmer doesn’t need to be asked; they simply develop quality software based on their empathy for customers.

Empathy + code expertise

Despite certain reservations about this feeling, empathy is actually a powerful business strategy. Empathetic programmers are more connected to their end users so they focus on how the software will work for their customers, therefore limiting the bugs. Delivering on time still matters for any business in every part of the world but it would not matter as much if the end user gets frustrated with a broken code. And it is easier to keep customers if you deliver bug-free software. Keep in mind that losing customers also mean losing marketing money spent on them and giving them  to your competitors.

The work culture matters too. If you hire empathetic programmers, chances are they will stick around longer. Chasing bigger paychecks may be enough reason to leave a company but if a worker gets the opportunity to craft his work, it’s enough to make him stay.

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