Fundamentals of effective web design

How often have you stumbled upon a website so poorly designed, you have to look elsewhere even if it’s rich with the information you’re seeking? In digital marketing, content and design are deeply interwoven. To achieve successful visitor experience, you need a website that balances substance and form.


First impression

Although landing pages are equally important, the first experience of your visitor starts at your homepage. And visitors often want instant gratification. Thus, the key to making your visitors dig into your website is to design a homepage that creates a satisfying experience.


8 factors to consider

Slapping eye candy material into your website does not simply mean inserting a bunch of attractive images. You see, design is part art, part science, and part math. Thus, you should consider these 8 vital elements in achieving effective web design:


  • Usability

Utility is the judge that decides if your website fails or succeeds. Design your website with your users in mind. User-centric designers think of what visitors want to do when they browse your website and how they can help visitors achieve their goals for visiting.


  • Navigation

It’s frustrating to be on a website where you cannot figure out where you are or where you should go. Keep your buttons easy to find and use colors to help your visitors recognize clickable text and selected links. If you can provide your users a site map, that’s a good thing.


  • Typography

The fonts you choose will say a lot about your brand and company. For comfortable reading, text size should be large enough and line length should be kept short. Also, your titles, headings, and sub-headings should stand out. Avoid low-contrast text at all costs.


  • Clarity

Mind your pixels. Clarity is about having a crisp, sleek design with great resolution and just the perfect amount of contrast for emphasis. Text should be in the right anti-aliasing setting and borders should be well-defined.


  • Spacing

Spacing holds your design together. Thus, how you manage and divide space in your design determines its overall visual rhythm and harmony. Key aspects are your line spacing within text, padding, and white space.


  • Consistency

Coherence should be present all throughout your design, especially between pages. Like spotting grammatical errors and misspellings in an essay, inconsistency breeds distrust and poor quality perception. Creating a theme is the best way to apply consistency into your web design.


  • Mobile-readiness

More people are accessing the internet through their portable devices. If your web design is not mobile-ready, then you’ll be losing your mobile visitors faster than you can say “marketing.” To make your web design perfect for your device-attached target market, keep it simple for fast page loading and less scrolling.


New Alchemy offers web design and development services to make your official website walk the talk. Our IT and graphics team work with our SEO team with the goal of smoothly blending form and substance, design and content. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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