Business Outsourcing

Business outsourcing is undoubtedly one of the major things that company owners need to consider investing in. It is by hiring third-party experts that a business can focus on core tasks, reduce recruitment expenses, and get many things done efficiently for the clients.

This is why New Alchemy’s Outsourcing Services exist. We provide seat leasing, call center services, programming outsourcing assistance, and other expert services to help companies in their daily operations. You can always rely on us whenever you need to rent workstations for your new staff or outsource experienced programmers and other staff. Just contact us now to inquire about our flexible outsourcing packages.

Seat Leasing

We offer seat leasing services for companies that and entrepreneurs who prefer renting a space for their additional staff or outsourced personnel. New Alchemy has a fully equipped workspace that is capable of letting leasers work with utmost efficiency, no matter what their designations are. For more information about our flexible seat leasing packages, you may contact us now or get a quote below.

Lead Generation

Reaching out to clients is one way of making your business become known to your target market, and New Alchemy can help you with that. We offer lead generation services that are customized according to your own needs. Just give the relevant keywords for your business, and our lead generation team will generate the right leads for you in no time.