Branding BAE (Before Anything Else)

Content marketing and SEO are the most cost-efficient with long-term benefits amongst your entire online marketing strategy; but also keep in mind that before optimizing your website, you have to make sure that you have created a mark for your product. People must be able to distinguish what you’re offering from others and what it can contribute to them.

Branding is one marketing element that’s far more important than SEO or content marketing. It is more than just a logo and its signature colors. Branding is an identity and without it, your efforts may not reach your desired goal.

Then again, branding is not a walk in the park. It is complex on its own and would need passionate research. Consistency should also be maintained or else you will lose momentum. You will need to prioritize certain things like your target audience and qualities when you start building your brand. These considerations contribute to the success of your brand.


You have to know that you can’t target everyone. You have to narrow it down to a specific demographic that you can market to. You also have to remember that your content must match the needs of your target audience.


People should get to distinguish your image and voice. What makes your product unique? What are the qualities that make you stand apart from your competition? What is your competitive edge? What kind of stance will you set among your customers?

Your practical applications and future campaigns in SEO and content marketing depend on your branding. So before you start working on your marketing strategy, branding must come first. If you’re looking for online SEO services and other business services, contact us today!

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