Benefits of virtual call center for both agents and companies

What is a virtual call center?

It is a cloud-based call center. Rather than working at a specific office, the company’s agents work from different locations. Some work in groups while others work individually at home.

A virtual call center eliminates companies from producing many time-consuming calls each day. On the other hand, paying for several expenses without a guaranteed return can be discouraging. Here are the specific benefits that both agents and companies can profit.

Benefits of virtual call center for both agents and companies

Employee/agent benefits

Flexible hours
– Agents can adjust to any schedule. The setup meets both the company and employee’s needs.

No dress code
– If you are working from home, you have the opportunity of wearing comfortable clothes.

No commute
– This benefit really helps the agent concentrate their energies on getting their work done. For example, they don’t have to consider time allocation in getting to the office.

Company benefits

Saves on housing and equipment expenses
– This can be a problem at physical call centers where they only have a few sales. Thus, paying the rent and other expenses creates a financial burden, especially, if your business is slow.

Lower employee turnover rates
– During seasonal periods, most call centers have high numbers of employees leaving. With the benefits that agents get, as mentioned above, the company doesn’t have to worry about them looking for other jobs.

No maintenance cost
– This applies to companies with seasonal businesses. They would need hundreds of agents to work during the holidays but only a few for the rest of the year.

Importance of customer confidence

Operating virtually lets companies save on additional costs. However, it may raise customer concerns if they discover they’re talking to someone who’s sitting on their couch or preparing food in their kitchen. The challenge lies on strong online connectivity of each employee. For instance, a line breaking up can cost a potential sale. To have an edge, make sure that you give your customers the impression that they are calling a real department at a physical office.

At New Alchemy, we recognize the importance of customer service. Virtual call center is part of our outsourcing services which also include programming outsourcing and seat leasing. Contact us to know more about our services.

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