Alchemians Getting Their Hands Dirty To Help Protect the Earth

People have different ways of breaking the dawn. At 5:30 a.m., the air is chilling and perfect for a nice cup of hot coffee. While some are still sleeping at this time, other people are preparing for work. Alchemians however, had a different plan – plant trees!

Alchemians carrying saplings at Buhisan Nature Center

Trees have supported and sustained life throughout our existence. We get timber, paper, and firewood from trees and they even add to the beauty of life. Our gardens become more beautiful with them. They have a wide variety of practical and commercial uses. These uses include controlling the pollution, providing oxygen and improving the quality of air we breathe. This is why trees play a vital role in our life.

Planting Trees for the Future

New Alchemy Tree Planting

Alchemians, who devote themselves to maintaining and preserving the environment, joined the Tree Planting activity spearheaded by Cebu City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO).

CCENRO is aiming to save the rainforest of Cebu. They want to prevent future calamities and save the animals living in the forest. Our forests provide food mostly fruits and we can only do what we can for the sake of the future generation and keep the Earth from dying.

The tree planting activity was held in Buhisan Nature Center, home to one of the biggest and largest rainforest in Cebu and one of the untapped beauties of Cebu’s remote uplands. The nature center has a lot of seedlings and saplings that you can plant.

With this, we are encouraging every one of all ages, from different sectors to plant more trees. Sometimes we need to get dirty to help protect the earth. Just imagine the effect of planting a few seedlings or saplings per person every month. After 10 years, you and the younger generation can re-visit the location. You’ll be able to see the trees you planted grow sturdy. You may even get to enjoy the fruits that they bear.

Alchemians in Action - Tree Planting Activity at Buhisan Nature Center

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