5 Important tips for training your call center agents

Call centers are investing more resources in developing effective training programs in preparing agents to meet customer expectations. Primarily, your customers want to speak with skilled agents who can help them resolve problems quickly. Thus, it’s detrimental to drive this point home to your agents-in-waiting before they start real-time calls. So how should your training protocol operate? Here are 5 important tips:


5 Important tips for training your call center agents


  1. Hit or exceed the 15-day minimum initial training

It takes time to digest the call center training information. For instance, newly-hired agents need to learn product knowledge, soft skills, call handling, and excellent command in using the necessary technology. In addition, call center agents that are outsourced offshore need to be fluent in English. This ensures clear delivery when they’re talking to your customers. If you fail to reach the minimum 15-day mark, your training program might not be as sufficient.


  1. Introduce the team to your business

Kick start the training program with a company introduction that presents the image, mission, vision, values, and culture of your business for your new hires. Include the people they’ll be working with, such as the management, supervisors, and team leaders. This helps your agents find belongingness in the work environment. Also, it assists your agents in understanding their role in achieving company expectations.


  1. Stress the significance of schedule adherence

New hires might not have the slightest idea on how schedule adherence affects the call center. Since long call waiting lines should be avoided, one missing agent due to tardiness can make the difference between calm and frustrated customers. Key performance indicators like service levels are also directly affected by schedule adherence. Unfortunately, this can hurt an agent’s employee performance evaluation if they don’t follow the protocol.


  1. Emphasize the importance of etiquette and customer relationships

Great call handling comes from the balance of call etiquette, skills, and building relationships with your customers. For example, set etiquette guidelines they should follow to ensure smooth transitions during call conversations. Furthermore, allow your new hires to listen to call recordings and provide them script options so they can choose which comes more naturally.


  1. Encourage resourcefulness

Not all information can be taught during training, so there are certain things they have to learn on their own. For example, teach your new hires how to find answers to questions, and who to ask for help. This improves productivity and autonomy in finding ways to resolve their customers’ problems effectively and quickly.


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