5 common telemarketing mistakes businesses should stop doing

Why do people acquire a passionate hatred for telemarketers? Many people view telemarketers as rude salespeople who interrupt their daily activities with the intent of selling a product they neither need nor want. A lot of telemarketers fail to comprehend this, resulting in flawed tactics. But how do you change your reputation from pest to guest?  Here are 5 telemarketing mistakes to avoid:

5 common telemarketing mistakes businesses should stop doing

Depending completely on scripting

Improvisation is recommended when talking to a much diversified set of customers, especially when people can be unpredictable. While it is helpful to have a set of prepared responses for a lot of potential situations, it is vital that you give a personal touch to your rebuttal by saying it in your own words. This helps a lot in establishing rapport.


Failing to verify identity

Don’t get into your sales pitch right away when you haven’t verified who answered the phone. Remember, if you don’t have the right person on the phone, then you don’t have the decision maker who can close the deal. Verification also ensures safety and security, especially in the handling of your customer’s confidential personal information.


Failing to know enough about your customer

Do your research so you can connect with your customers easily. Even simple information, such as what your customers do for a living or noticing that it’s their birthday when you called, matters in terms of knowing how to relate your product or service to their needs. You cannot satisfy a customer when you don’t know the relevance between their needs and your product.


Talking too much

You can’t talk your customer into buying your product if you don’t know how to listen to them. The skill of knowing when to talk can speak a lot about your professional ethics and how effective you are as a telemarketer. To show that you care about your customers’ time, learn to talk with them, not at them.


Making the offer too soon

By getting in a hurry, you’ll fail to establish value and trust. Instead, take the time in building rapport, and adequately present what your customers can benefit from your product. Once your customer sees what’s in it for them and why they should trust you, it’s easier to insert the offer and get a positive response.


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